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Graduates of the program have moved into all areas of the music industry. Entrepreneurial aspirations lead many of our Alumni to create and build their own production companies, record labels and new business ventures. Others are shaping the future of the music industry at major and indie labels, publishing companies, and recording studios. Additionally, several of our Alumni are pursuing careers as professional musicians.

Where Are They Now:

The students of ReMu have gone on to do a variety of amazing things both in and outside of the music industry.  Find out more about what are alums are up to since graduation! Coming Soon!

ReMu Senior Capstone Presentations:

In the spring of each academic year, Recorded Music seniors are required to complete a capstone project and present it to a panel of distinguished industry professionals.  More

For ReMu Alumni:

As a graduate of Tisch, there are several ways that you can stay in touch with us and us with you, as well as with each other. Find out how! More